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Stromsholm - Sweden



History :

Ridskolan Strömsholm (RS) is located nearby the castle of Strömsholm. From 1621 RS was a center of military horse training to supply the Swedish Army with horses. RS has for several centuries been the hub of Swedish equestrian education. In 1868 a central riding school for the army was started at Strömsholm on the initiative of Karl XV with a focus on officer training. Around the 1950s, the horses of the army were no longer needed and the mounted bandages were cut down. This also caused concern for the future and an investigation suggested coordination between military and civilian education. This proposal was accepted on condition that a financial contribution could be secured from the newly formed association of interests for the preservation of the school. The proportion of civilian courses increased and a few places for civilians were also offered at the long military instructor course in equestrian service. Appointed from the civil organization Ridfrämjandet had the exclusive right to appoint participants to this course. In mid-1968, the decision was made to discontinue the Army's riding and driving school, thus ending military instructor course. The training of young military horses remained until 1970, when this also ceased. Instead, the Ridfrämjandet took over the operation of RS and the horses. The equestrian instructor education was conducted within the framework of the equestrian promotion.

Today Ridskolan Strömsholm offer riding teacher education level 1-3. The school has also became a horse riding research center. The research work covers areas in equestrian sport. Strömsholm, together with the two other national centers Flyinge and Wången, offer the only university program in Sweden specialised in equine science. The Equine science program is a three year Bachelor’s education that gives the students deep knowledge in equine science, sport and management. The Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU) is head of the programme.

Missions :

Ridskolan Strömsholms mission is to educate future professional equestrians in the sport and leisure aspects of today’s horse sector. The teachers and trainers have Olympic credentials, professorships, and deep experience in their areas of expertise. Some of the educations aren’t offered anywhere else in the world.

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