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Saumur - France

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History :

The National Riding School, with its inherited prestigious background, was set up around the Cadre Noir in 1972. Developing  their original assignments of military origin, the ecuyers and teachers of the Cadre Noir of Saumur, in their role of instructors at heart of the National Riding School, train advanced riding professionals. In 2010, The National Riding School and National Studs were  merged to create the National Institute of Horse and Riding.


Missions :

The creation of the National Riding School was aimed at organizing the teaching of riding in France; its vocation to prepare for high level teaching diplomas and top level competition. Under the wing of the Minister for Health, Youth and Sport, the National Riding School is founded on the knowledge and experience of the ecuyers and teachers of the Cadre Noir who have rediscovered their ancestry at Saumur; with a mission to develop horse training, to teach riding for sport, and to teach the equestrian professions.

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