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Flyinge - Sweden

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History :

The history as breeding place for the Danish King’s horses starts already at 1536 at Flyinge. At the war between Sweden and Denmark, 1657-1658, the Swedish King Karl X Gustav led Sweden to victory and Sweden got it’s borders that we have today. Flyinge started as a Royal breeding stud at year 1661. Flyinge was owned by the goverment until 1983. After that Flyinge became private and with a lot of support from leading businesspeople and great horsefriends all over Sweden it developed to the point we are today as Swedish Equestrian Center of Exellence.

Missions :

Flyinge develop knowledge, horses and people. Flyinge is one of Sweden’s three national equestrian centers focused on developing excellence for the horse sector  Our mission is to educate future professional equestrians in the sport and leisure aspects of today’s horse sector. Our teachers and trainers have Olympic credentials, professorships, and deep experience in their areas of expertise. Some of our courses aren’t offered anywhere else in the world.

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