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Bilzen - Belgium


1990: Paardenhumaniora Bilzen starts with a vocational equine education for rider, groom, stable owner and trainer.
1994: Internships across Europe.

Coöperation with the equestrian federations and organisations: VLP, LRV, Sport Vlaanderen and Paardenpunt Vlaanderen.

2008: Offering IGEQ Level I and II trainers-courses in cooperation with and recognized by Sport Vlaanderen and KBRSF.

Attending the conferences of IGEQ and the GEEC

Member of EEN since 2016 and participating the SPINE-project


Paardenhumaniora Bilzen is a secundary school where students combine education with equestrianism.
Our mission is to educate students to become real horse man and woman who have the knowledge and the abilities for grooming, dressage, showjumping, stable management and training, always with the welfare of the horse as most important point of view.

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